Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maker Faire 5/23/10 Report

(Finally . . . DO/CO's Maker Faire 2010 update! )

My wife, some friends, and myself attended Maker Faire 2010 and had a really great time. We checked out a fun and literally electrifying musical Tesla coil performance by ArcAttack
of Austin, TX.

I purchased a really cool belt and U-Lock holder from Fabric Horse that will allow me to carry my Kryptonite lock sans-backpack. Carrie, owner of Fabric Horse, was super-cool and showed-off all the wares that she brought out to Maker Faire all the way from my old stomping grounds of Philadelphia, PA.

Out in the open spaces of the San Mateo County Event Center, we found some completely sweet human-powered and alt-power vehicles created by Fun Bicycle Unicorn Club, a hot rod Little Flyer Wagon, and Giant Cardboard Robots. There was something to simultaneously stimulate everyone's imaginations and/or inner nerd. We'll definitely be back next year!


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