Monday, January 11, 2010

Tulip Architect Lamp -- Prototype Accomplished!!

Hi, it's Clint from DO/CO,

Aaron and I have spent a significant amount of our time talking about our Tulip lamps since our last blog post. We found that we needed materials that were more significant than plastic. SO, we've moved from our original plan to use acrylic and polycarbonate to using a more robust combination of stainless steel for structure and frosted acrylic for our shade material. The look is a cross of Industrial Revolution, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, & Art Nouveau. It's a bit Steampunk, but we're liking what the renderings and prototypes are looking like.

We also have come-up with the comprehensive list of lamps that will be in the Tulip line. We'll be having a launch party this Spring to celebrate the lamps manifested in 3D & ready for sale.

Together, we've talked about the basic aesthetics of the Tulip line, and our goals concerning these lamps for "makers" and "creative DIY types". However, Aaron himself has been spending most of his free waking moments actually doing instead of just talking. He is majorly streamlining & refining how DO/CO designs parts 'a la laser cutter' using flat stock to generate 3D form. He's found the intricasies of tolerancing parts and the limitations of the laser cutter. He's also sweated through ways to make unique and effective latching details that still keep our unique aesthetics intact. Finally, he's coordinated a great relationship with a local laser cutting shop near Boston that's very excited to cut our parts.

We're extremely pumped to see everything coming together. I (Clint) could not be more appreciative of Aaron right now. He's pushing our dream of selling products that we design into reality.

DO/CO's Tulip Architect Lamp prototype is pictured in this post. It's constructed from masonite and acrylic. Some details will be changing to improve structure and cord management, so keep a look-out. Wish us luck as we push forward into our first run of lamps in our final material -- STAINLESS STEEL!!



  1. Where/when/for how much can I buy one of these? Hell, I'd use the prototype.

  2. Drop us an email at . We're setting-up the first batch of stainless steel lamps right now. They're awesome!!

    We have the architect lamp on sale at Propeller in Hayes Valley, (in San Francisco) right now.

    Retail price is $725